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Shangri-la blinds

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Remote Control system with Shangri-la blinds

There is two types of remote control system that you could select. one is the  Electric wiring machine, and Lithium battery motor. You can choose the one most suitable for your home.

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"S" Figure Design

The most effective way to block the sunlight, and provide the best privacy for your own space!

Multiple Color Options

blinds 7.4
blinds 7.3
blinds 7.2
blind 6

Half Closed Mode

Fully Closed Mode

blind 6.2

Dual Closed Mode

Customization & Stylish Shell Options

Our Advantages

Shangri-La Blinds

Normal Window Blinds

blinds 9

Thick aluminum alloy shell

beautiful and durable, non-deform

blinds 9.1

Regular Shell

Lightweight and easy to deform

blinds 10.1


Process and ingredient content are higher than industry standard

blinds 10


Poor privacy, easy to lose silk


High Performance Lower Rail

Make the blinds vertical and stable

blinds 11.2

Plastic Lower Rail

Easy get damaged, cant help Blinds Stable


chromium plate's components

Solid and Durable, non-Aging



Easy get to Rusting and Aging